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Welcome to Bridgewater Veterinary Hospital– Your Veterinarian.

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Hear What Our Patients Say

At BVH, we try our best to emphasize owner participation in all aspects of a pet's care. We work hard to build your trust in us. We want you to know that your pet is receiving loving, quality care.

Brenda Cummings

Bridgewater Veterinary Hospital opened its doors in 1993. Since that time our goal has been to offer you and your pet the best medical care possible. We also strive to educate you on pet nutrition, flea and tick control, dental care, behavior modification and more.

Russell Chamber

We feel so strongly about your pets, that we offer prospective owners a complimentary consultation and scheduled tour of the hospital.

Tommy Baker
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11 hours ago

Bridgewater Veterinary Hospital - New Jersey

#TGIF! And TG for our TECHS! Today is all about our newest techs...M O N I C A and C A S S I E!

😎 M O N I C A, you have stepped in and stepped up! Thank you for sharing your talent and fun spirit! Thank you for being a voice of reason, adding to the fun moments, and staying calm and cool in stressful situations. We love you!

🧚‍♀️ Monica's Fun Fact: Outside of being a pro-technician, Monica is a pro-gamer! 🎮She loves RPG's and is a big fan of the Final Fantasy series as well as The Legend of Zelda!

😍 C A S S I E, Thank you for your compassion and experience. You are truly great with every one of our clients and such an overall sweet person. Thank you for your joyous attitude and happy pizzazz! We are so grateful to have you! We love you!

🐄 Cassie's Fun Fact: Cassie has always been a lover of animals, but COWS are the ones that have captured her heart! Cassie worked with dairy cows for 6 years 😮 and has 3 years of large animal medicine experience! It wasn't until she started working with cows, that she became interested in being a technician! - A big thank you to those cows! 🐮

We are so happy that you both have joined our #BVHfamily!
Happy #NationalVetTechAppreciationWeek #BVHstaff
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1 day ago

Bridgewater Veterinary Hospital - New Jersey

Happy Thursday! Today's shout outs go to our techs...
🐾 K A R E N and A M A N D A 🐾

K A R E N, you have the most caring and helpful heart. 💗 Thank you for always being so willing to take on any task with out hesitation. Your happiness is contagious and we love that you are apart of our #BVHfamily!

🎭 Karen's Fun Fact: Outside of BVH, Karen loves participating at her local theater and has been an active thespian since she was 8 years old. - We also found out earlier this month that she is a pretty talented golfer! 😜🏌️‍♀️

A M A N D A, you are reliable, trustworthy and have such a kind heart.💖 Thank you for being the first to come in if we need an extra hand. We appreciate and love you!

🐴 Amanda's Fun Fact: In her spare time, Amanda enjoys cross stitching and is a huge fan of horses! She has been a veterinary technician for the past 3 years and we are so happy she chose to become apart of our team!

Cheers to both of you! 💕
#NationalVetTechAppreciationWeek #BVHstaff
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2 days ago

Bridgewater Veterinary Hospital - New Jersey

Not only is today #HumpDay, but today
we celebrate our techs I Z Z Y and K A T E! 🐾

I Z Z Y, thank you for your loving spirit and giving heart. We are so grateful for all you do for us, our clients, and our patients. Especially our patients! - There is not a dog or cat that comes through our door that does not love you! Never lose that beautiful spirit!

🐬 Izzy's Fun Fact: Her favorite animal is the dolphin. If she had to choose any other field of work, it would be marine biology! - We are happy she chose us though! 😘

K A T E, thank you for entering every room with the biggest smile and always doing everything with a happy heart! You have a way of making even the hardest days a good one. We love you and are so grateful for all you do!

🐱🐱 Kate's Fun Fact: She just adopted 2 cats; 8-year-old Piper and 4-year-old Scout! They are getting along wonderfully with her family! (Especially her sons, Jack and Sammy) - Out of the hospital, Kate enjoys singing and baking with her boys! 🎂 Kate has been apart of our crazy #BVHfamily for almost 🔟 years, and we could not be happier she is with us!

We love you both! 😍 Happy #NationalVetTechAppreciationWeek #BVHstaff
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