What do we require for your pet to board at BVH?

As a safety measure for all of our pets, It is mandatory that your pet be up to date on vaccines listed below. PROOF OF THESE VACCINES ARE REQUIRED PRIOR TO BOARDING WITH US.

FIRST TIME BOARDERS MUST schedule a “Meet & Greet” with one of our kennel assistants prior to boarding.


  • Rabies


  • Influenza (H3N8 & H3N2)

  • Bordatella (within the last 6 months)

  • Negative FECAL sample (within the last 6 months)



  • ​Rabies


  • Negative FECAL sample (within the last 6 months)

How many times does my dog get walked?
4-5 times per day

What days and hours can I drop off & pick up my pet?
Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:30pm
Saturday: 9:00am - 2:30pm

What should I bring for my pet’s stay?
Please bring in your pet’s food, medication (MUST be in original pill container), any toys (NO bully sticks or rawhide) or blankets that your pet may want, your dog’s leash/harness (if applicable) and your cat’s carrier (if applicable).

Will my dog/cat interact with other pets while staying at BVH?
No, unless they are from the same family.


Dogs: $49 
Cats: $34 

The above prices do not include tax.
There are additional fees for administering medication and/or medical boarding.

At Bridgewater Veterinary Hospital, your pet is always in great hands.


Keep Your Pet Looking Good & Smelling Great

Proper grooming is essential for keeping your pet comfortable and ensuring its skin and fur are healthy.
​Why not have our grooming expert Kate, provide your pet with some healthy pampering?



Because we believe grooming is important to your pet's health, we take it very seriously.

​Our Groomer uses the latest products and equipment to ensure that your pet emerges from his or her appointment feeling and looking great. We know that your pet will lead you back for more if they have a fun time. 

Your pet's visit includes:

  • Shampoo

  • Massaging Bath & Blow Dry

  • Haircut

  • Nail trim (Filing also available)

  • Ear Cleaning​

PLEASE keep in mind, as a safe measure for all of our pets, we do REQUIRE proof of vaccinations and a recent fecal test BEFORE scheduling a grooming appointment.  This ensures the health of our groomer and pet guests who may be staying with us, whether that be for grooming, boarding, and/or any procedures.

​Be sure to make your appointment as soon as possible in order to get your preferred time and date!
For appointments,  call our front desk at 908.704.6700. Thank you! 




" Making  four legged pets feel comfortable and happy is my favorite part of working here! "

Kate has worked with animals for over 30 years in both boarding and grooming and joined BVH in April 2013. With her artistic touch in pet styling, Kate is a wonderful fit for BVH and all our hospital's clients. The health and wellness of Kate's clients come first.

Having the support of BVH staff when needed, allows Kate the opportunity to alert doctors and technicians to any potential health concern she may find while grooming. While Kate's first responsibility is always her clients' health, her main mission includes finding a grooming solution that is easy for owners to maintain while leaving each pet looking their very best!


Kate enjoys working at BVH because of the sincere affection the staff has for its four-legged patients.  "Aside from our hospital being a beautiful state of the art facility, everyone's attitude is very friendly and helpful. Our staff truly cares for each pet that walks through our doors," Kate says.  She especially enjoys creating "works of art" out of scruffy fur and taking special care of senior pets. 

For 20 years, Kate showed and bred Maine Coon cats and has been very involved in cat rescue. Kate has six feline friends of her own and enjoys spending time with them at home. Her hobbies include making wire and beaded jewelry, reading, as well as lounging with her cats.