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Veterinarians Near Me?

Veterinarians Near Me? Here at Bridgewater Veterinary Hospital, we love to support your pet’s needs. Nothing matters more to us than taking care of pets and their owners, and we do a great job of it.

Bridgewater Veterinary Hospital was founded in 1992 by Dr. Bruce Levinston. He founded the hospital because he loves being able to make a difference in the life of a pet, and finds so much joy in seeing the excitement and relief when he is responsible for resolving a health issue for a family pet. Like Dr. Levinston, the rest of our veterinarians top priority is caring for pets and their owners.

At our hospital, we have five full-time veterinarians and many other staff members on call. Our veterinarians know what they are doing, and do whatever they can to help your pets live long and joyful lives.

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As well as taking care of your pet’s health, our hospital provides many services other services, including pet hotels, pet grooming, and pet dentistry.

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