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Why is Your Dog Groomer Important for Your Pet’s Health?

Grooming is not just about keeping your dog clean or making it look presentable.  Our groomers can often identify pet health issues because they are in such close contact with your pet.

It is important to start grooming your dog when they are a puppy so that they become comfortable on  the grooming table, getting their fur cut and cleaned, etc. It is more difficult to introduce an older dog to grooming. They will often aggressively resit nail clippings, washing and ear cleaning. This is very important for dogs with longer hair because they require more maintinence than short haired dogs.

Below are a few areas that are important for our groomers to see:

  • FUR: When your pet's fur gets too long, your pet can get hairballs (dogs too!) Severe hairballs can cause stomach or intestinal blockages. A good groomer will also find ticks and other external parasites that may be difficult to see.
  • EYES: Your pet's eyes should be nice and clear.  Your groomer can easily identify an optical issue that requires a veterinarian.
  • EARS: Ears need to be checked and cleaned routinely. If there is wax or dirt build-up, very quickly long term.

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